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Boise WaterShed - City of Boise
Visit the City of Boise’s Boise WaterShed website to learn more about the Boise WaterShed Center, Foothills Learning Center, and the abundant environmental education resources available to the public.

Environmental Education Resources for Teachers - Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
Teaching about the environment can be fun for both teachers and students. DEQ has developed lesson plans for various grade levels on a wide range of air quality, water quality, and waste management topics to assist teachers in providing environmental education.

Ground Water Program - City of Boise
Clean, adequate ground water supplies for drinking water, agriculture, and high technology uses are vital to the city of Boise and the Treasure Valley. Visit the City of Boise’s website to learn more about its ground water protection and conservation program.

National Source Water Collaborative
Twenty-five national organizations have united to protect America’s drinking water at the source – in the lakes, rivers, streams, and aquifers we tap for drinking purposes.

North Carolina Source Water Collaborative
The N.C. Source Water Collaborative is a new statewide partnership to protect drinking water. Founded in December 2011, the N.C. Source Water Collaborative includes participants from non-profit organizations, university programs, state, local and federal agencies, professional associations, and regional councils of government. The collaborative's intention is to support strategies designed to preserve the lakes, streams, rivers and aquifers used for drinking water and the land that protects and recharges these sources of water.

Source Water Assessment Database - Idaho Department of Environment Quality
Access source water assessment information for Idaho public water systems using the Source Water Assessment Database. You can search the database by county, public water system number, water system name, and/or type of source.

Source Water in Idaho - Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
Visit DEQ's website to learn more about source water in Idaho.

Source Water Protection - US Environmental Protection Agency
Learn more about source water protection by visiting this web page.

Source Water Protection Activity Guide - Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
The Source Water Protection Guide identifies potential sources and types of contamination that could threaten public drinking water sources (source water) and presents protection activities that can be implemented to better protect source water from contamination.

Well Water Safety - Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Private well owners can learn more about well water and owning a well at this web page.